North Studio is a boutique wellness hub offering immersive class-based workouts, holistic therapies and massage treatments, workshops and a space to socialise all in the heart of North Leeds.

Our highly skilled and knowledgable instructors will lead you through our state of the art classes, training both the mind and body to fulfil our mission of empowering every class member, everyday.


At North Studio, nutrition is a key component of our wellness circle. Each day we produce fresh and nutritious juices and smoothies on site. We serve locally roasted coffee from Leeds founded North Star Coffee Roasters, contributing to our aim of operating as sustainably and ethically as possible. 


The studio was conceptualised and founded by Leeds born Rachel, who over the years has travelled throughout the UK and the world trialling a variety of gyms and classes.


Through a combination of personal experiences and extensive research she has brought together her favourite concepts to the one place she knows best:
The North.


A firm believer that wellbeing isn’t achieved by merely taking care of the physical body but from a balance of different components, Rachel has created a space that restores the balance and boosts your wellbeing.