NortH studio instructors

Steph Flint


Steph joins us all the way from Australia, bringing with her copious knowledge and experience. Her classes focus on developing long lean muscles, a sculpted core and poised posture. She is sweet natured but tough and will help you achieve your Pilates goals. Steph's classes focus on traditional elements of Pilates including controlled mindful movements, with a cardio flare. 



Tash is a multi skilled instructor and qualified Personal Trainer who has used her extensive knowledge from her vocational training as a contemporary dancer to develop a unique approach to the fitness industry."I absolutely love the feeling of a good sweaty workout on my body and mind. My aim is to develop confidence, self belief and self worth within my clients. I am a huge believer in exercise for the mind and the body will follow. My classes will push you physically and mentally but in the hope that you will find your greatest potential within that moment".

Eloise Ridge


Eloise completed her Vinyasa Flow teacher training in 2018 and has since gone on to study her Yin Yoga teacher training, studying the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine into yoga practice. “I meet my students on the mat wherever they are, whether they are completely new to yoga or want to enhance their practice. My aim from teaching is to inspire and challenge people who come to my classes to step out of their comfort zone, whilst providing a safe and enjoyable space to explore, grow and deepen their own practice”.

Jenny Croston


Jenny left her previous profession as a lawyer following serious illness. In 2013 she discovered the practice of Yoga as part of her healing process. She was instantly hooked and maintained a consistent practice since, realising the transformational benefits Yoga can have on the mind and body.  In 2014 she commenced her 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training and is accredited with the Yoga alliance. She is a compassionate teacher and enjoys supporting individual students’ needs with modifications where necessary and encouraging people who are curious about Yoga to consider starting a practice. 

Amy Thwaites


"After falling head over heels in love with yoga and spending every possible second on my mat learning as much as possible, I went to Rishikesh, India (the yoga capital of the world) to train as an Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. My morning vinyasa flow aims to ease us out of slumber and into the day. Starting with pranayama/breath work and a gentle wake up flow, gradually becoming more dynamic to leave us energised and ready and raring to go!".

Kate herrick


Kate has been supporting yoga practitioners since 2015. Kate creates a fun, safe and empowering environment for you to explore your unique yoga journey. The encouragement is to feel and express over perfecting alignment. To dive into your inner world and explore the power within- this is where real transformation happens! Classes are playful, expressive and she is known for her seamless sequences. For Kate yoga is an elevated approach to living and not just a way of moving- you are guided to take what you learn off the mat. As you improve the relationship you hold with yourself everything else will improve too!



I love to live life on the go and will most often be found running in Roundhay Park (sometimes alone... sometimes chasing after my very mischievous puppy). 
For me, exercise is all about feeling good and having fun and these two aims motivate every single one of my classes. Join me for a full- body workout on the bike which will leave us sweaty and (just as importantly) smiling!



Binny is a 500 RYT certified yoga alliance teacher. Her classes are fun & playful with a creative teaching style making them accessible to all abilities. Moving through the rhythmic transitions from one posture to another Binny leaves her students feeling both inspired and nourished after class. Binny encourages her students to take their practice beyond the mat into real life for a strong body & steady mind. 

Rachel Woolford


Rachel is a qualified Personal Trainer and keen advocate for the balanced approach to health and fitness. She will encourage you to leave your comfort zone in the studio making for a tough but effective class and is always keen to welcome those new to fitness into the studio.


Annemarie Kittle

A fitness loving coffee enthusiast, Annemarie is on hand to serve you your favourite latte or flat white just the way you like it.

"I love meeting new people especially those who share my positive approach to life and love of dogs!"

Beth Johnson

Beth is a qualified nutritionist specialising in Vegan and Sports Nutrition. You'll either find her in the kitchen or in the gym!

Beth developed the Refuel Kitchen menu with our customers in mind and is the one to ask for any class or drinks recommendations.


Zoe Clink


"I am a fully qualified Massage Therapist  offering a range of treatments including Sports Massage, Wellbeing Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and Reflexology, using NEOM oils to stimulate the senses".

Zoe is registered and comprehensively insured with “The Federation of Holistic therapists” (FHT). Furthemore, she is a registered therapist with “The Association for Soft Tissue Therapists” (SMA) and “The Association of Reflexologists” (AOR).

Georgina haspell - forster


"Training in Reiki has changed my life and makes me smile everyday!".

Reiki is the Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Life Energy’ and is one of the most ancient healing techniques known.  The treatment is a relaxing, hands on or hands off treatment.  You will be fully clothed and asked to lie down on a bed under a blanket.  

Benefits include a feeling of deep relaxation, enhanced emotional well-being and an overall feeling of balance.  Reiki can help with anything from aches and pains, conditions such as IBS or neurological disorders, calms stress, anxiety and depression.  It hugely aids relaxation and helps you sleep better.  The benefits are endless.